Problems Between ZoomText 10.11.9 in Windows 10 “Fall Creators Update”

Attention users of ZoomText 10.1:

The current release of ZoomText 10.1, version 10.11.9 (and earlier), is not compatible with the Windows 10 “Fall Creators Update,” which Microsoft began rolling out to the public on October 17th. If you are running Windows 10, we recommend that you DO NOT install the Fall Creators Update before you have installed the ZoomText 10.11.10 update, which is expected to release during the week of October 23rd. Here’s why…

Installing the Fall Creators Update before the ZoomText 10.11.10 update will block your ability to update ZoomText and cause applications to become unstable and crash when running your current installation of ZoomText. Installing the ZoomText 10.11.10 update before you install the Fall Creators Update will eliminate these problems.

If you are already encountering these problems, please contact the VFO Technical Support Team or your VFO dealer for assistance and options.

The ZoomText Product Team

New ZoomText 11.7 and Fusion 11 Updates!

Greetings ZoomText 11 and Fusion 11 users,

The ZoomText development team has delivered a very robust set of version 11.7 updates for ZoomText 11 and Fusion 11. These free updates (for users of ZoomText 11 and Fusion 11) include important design changes in the ZoomText software that improve stability, performance and functionality of ZoomText’s features and tools. These improvements appear in a broad range of applications including Microsoft Office (2010, 2013 and 2016), Adobe Reader, web browsers (IE11, Chrome and Firefox), Skype, Windows File Explorer, Windows apps and utilities, and more. You can learn about all of the changes in the 11.7 updates in the ZoomText 11 release notes:

The full installers for ZoomText 11 and Fusion 11 are available for download at

ZoomText ImageReader – a perfect companion to Fusion

ZoomText ImageReader

ZoomText ImageReader

ZoomText ImageReader is a software and camera solution that makes printed text accessible to people who are visually impaired, including books, magazines, business documents and more. Put the printed item underneath the included document camera, snap a picture, and a few seconds later the text appears in large, high-contrast fonts and is read aloud in natural-sounding voices.

With the new Multilingual Edition, you can now capture and read printed materials in over 150 languages and have the captured text read aloud by your choice of over 70 premium-quality “ZoomText Voices”.

In addition to printed text, ImageReader can also capture and read text from image files, the Windows Clipboard or right off of your computer screen; perfect for reading graphical text from electronic documents and webpages.

Click here to learn more about ImageReader

Your ZoomText trial is coming to an end

In just a few days, your ZoomText trial will be ending. We hope you’ve been able to experience the power and ease of use we’ve built into ZoomText over the years and we hope you’re ready to make a purchase.

You can buy single-user copies online at the links below.

ZoomText Magnifier – Domestic $400
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader – Domestic $600

NOTE: If you recently activated ZoomText by entering your serial number and you are still getting this message don’t worry. Just quit ZoomText and relaunch the program.

Our sales team would also be happy to assist you with your purchase. Please contact them at or by phone at (800) 444-4443.

We look forward to having you as a customer!

How is your trial going?

You first installed and launched ZoomText about six weeks ago. We’re wondering if you have any questions at this point.

We offer free support for all trials so if there’s something that you don’t understand or you are having trouble with a feature or a concept please reach out to us.

NOTE: If you recently activated ZoomText by entering your serial number and you are still getting this message don’t worry. Just quit ZoomText and relaunch the program.

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ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard – Your Key To Productivity

Designed for anyone who struggles to see the lettering on their keyboard, the ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard makes typing faster and easier than ever before. Each key and button label is easy to see, even in low light, thanks to its 36-point text and choice of high-contrast color schemes: “Black on Yellow” or “White on Black”.

Image of ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard with yellow keys and black letters.The ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard also provides quick access to ZoomText features. The F1 through F12 keys perform double duty. When you press and hold a function key, its assigned ZoomText command is triggered. The commands allow you to instantly start ZoomText, change magnification levels, toggle screen enhancements, launch AppReader and DocReader, and more, all without having to memorize hotkeys.

You can even reassign each feature key to your choice of ZoomText commands, Internet and multimedia commands, or to open an application, document or web page.

Learn more about the ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard

Could you benefit from extra ZoomText Training?

ZoomText is a big product and it can be complicated to learn all the ins and outs. Rest easy though, we’ve created a great set of training resources you can turn to for help.

You can start by browsing our selection of recorded webinars which provide a great overview of ZoomText capabilities.

For a deeper dive we offer in person classes and remote training opportunities.